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HMPI was founded in 2000 to serve Gospel Musicians and to address these four key issues:

    1. Many gospel musicians don’t know how to get to the level they want to be playing. They don’t know what to practice on and they don’t have clear direction on what to do next.

2.  Learning strictly from the oral tradition can cause many musicians to hit a wall in their development.  They lack a theoretical or technical background. It’s easy to become stuck and once there, it’s tough to figure how to get over the hump.

3.  Playing for the church is an honor.  Many would love to but they don’t feel skilled enough.  They want ways to quickly learn.  They want to take their skills to a level where they would be proud to play for their church.

4.  Many musicians can’t figure out how to play certain songs by ear themselves. They need help to learn to do it or they need someone to teach them the specific songs.

HMPI was created to as a resource to address each of these issues.

We do this by training and equipping gospel musicians through modern technology including videos, digital downloads, books, blogs.  We provide gospel music lessons for piano, organ, bass, and more.  Take your skills to the next level with HMPI and sign up with your email to receive your gospel music lesson now!

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