There are several ways to contact HMPI.

You can email us at

Call us at 1-888-608-HMPI (4674)

Follow us on Twitter @HMPI and/or use the hashtag #HMPI

You can shoot us a message on our Facebook page

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Did I do something wrong? I did not receive a link to download the product that I purchased.

Answer: You will not receive a link sent to your email to download your product. We have a brand new way of receiving your purchases. You must create an account before you purchase your product. If you have already created an account, simply log in.  After you have purchased your product, then simply log back on to your account on this website and your product will be in your account.  You will be able to download it there. After you create an account, all of your future purchases will be found there.

2) Do you have to be able to read music to use your products?

Answer: No. You simply need to know the names of the keys on the keyboard and you can use and benefit from any of our products.

3) What do you teach in private lessons?

Answer: The private lessons cover whatever the student wants to learn.

4) How much are private and skype lessons?

Answer: Private lessons are $65 per month for (1) 30 minute lesson each week. Call us at 1-888-608-4674 to schedule your Skype lesson.

5) I am a beginner can I benefit from your videos?

Answer: Yes! Our videos benefit all skill levels. You simply just need to know the names of the keys on the keyboard.

6) How do I receive my videos?

Answer: The videos will be available in your account on this website after you purchase them.

7) Do you offer hard copy DVDs?

Answer: We no longer ship or offer DVDS. We only offer digital downloads. You can take the digital download video file that you purchase from us and load it into your DVD burning software on your computer and create your own DVD.

8) Can you make a song tutorial for a particular song that I want to play?

Answer: We are unable to offer song tutorials by request at this time.