Gospel Music Lesson of The Week – Incorporating Jazz Licks

This week’s gospel music lesson is a spin off of the last blog post.  It’s about how to incorporate jazz licks into gospel music. Hope you enjoy it and can apply it to your music right away!



  1. David Smith says:

    Easy and very useful.

  2. Kenny, Thank you . This was great incorporating this jazz lick into the gospel flavoring .I am learning so much from your lessons . I watch your fingering and it is paying great dvidends in both my jazz and gospel playing with the 1 2 fingerings on the pentatonic scales and blues scales . This facilitates speed and agility in the flow of these licks. Thank you Lord for sending Kenneth Hollins into my life of music to better my playing. Great job Kenneth Hollins may God continue to send His Blessing upon you and your fingers to excel your playing.


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