Lesson of the Week – Playing Outside of the Key

I’m happy to announce that HMPI will be issuing a lesson of the week from here on out.  I hope that you find value and come back to the blog each week to check out the lesson.  The first lesson is called “Playing Outside the Key.”

I’d love to hear your comments and or questions.  Please post below.  Also, if you like what you see and hear and feel moved, please share with your friends via facebook, twitter and email icons below.  Have a blessed week!



  1. Bernadette C. Randle says:

    So appreciate this lesson! . . . been listening to Bill Evans all my life and his chord logic still makes me dizzy. How generous of you to share this sample of harmonic complexity!

  2. Sounds great. What the logic (thinking process) for these type of chords? Should I take a jazz course to understand the thinking process? Do you offer any Basic Jazz courses? Thanks

  3. alexander Lombard says:

    Very beautiful I am a huge fan of Jazz and studied it wtih JakiByard Those minor 11th and fourth voicing at the end are great sounds Maybe u might give a course in Jazz Piano I am interested in How did you set up the Harmonic movement Please consider giving a course on Jazz Piano

  4. Thanks for the lesson! I’m starting to learn extended chords and this progression is beautiful. I also wanted to say I enjoyed the ‘ole time gospel’ lesson and the ‘bassline concepts for gospel keyboard’ lesson you gave but they were only clips. How can I get the lessons in their entirety? Do you have them on dvd?

  5. Beautiful! Very much appreciated!

  6. Thanks Kenneth…for your music ministry…and for having the mind , heart, and spirit to share. You are truly an answer to many prayers. I listened to “playing Outside of the Key”, over and over and over…being so mesmerized. Then I started writing just about everything down. Looking forward to the upcoming lessons.