Essential Gospel Piano Classics

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Essential Gospel Piano Classics will empower you to fill that musician void at your church or simply take you to a new level in your playing. You will easily learn 10 essential songs that will help you step up to the plate and tap into the true potential that you have on the inside. This video is for you!  Click Here For a Demo

Product Description

Do You Believe That You Have The Potential To Play The Piano Much Better?


If you do then we believe that we have a great solution for you! We created a brand new video just for the individuals that play for a church as well as for the individuals that want to start but need a little help to do it.




  • I play for my church but I feel like I am stuck in a rut with my playing.
  • I know I could do better but I don’t have anyone that will teach me.
  • My church is in need of skilled musicians and I believe I could fill that void.
  • There are playing opportunities available for me but I don’t feel like I am ready.
  •  I know some songs but I can’t play for an entire service from beginning to end.


If any of this sounds like you then we have a great solution for you! I have played for churches and ministries for over 35 years. I have played for small, medium, and mega churches in terms of membership numbers. I have learned over the years that there are certain songs that seem to be classics that most churches seem to do regardless of their size.

There are certain songs that gospel musicians should know because they could be called upon to play these songs at any time. Music makes such a huge difference in a worship service. It helps to set the atmosphere and really inspires people.



I have learned that there are so many churches that desperately need skilled musicians but don’t have them. Many of the smaller churches don’t have large budgets to pay an elite music staff and simply go without musicians all together.

We decided to come up with a solution for this problem. We put together a collection of 10 songs that are classics in gospel music. These songs can be used from the beginning of the service all the way to the end.


This video can empower you to fill that musician void at your church or simply take you to a new level in your playing. This video can really help you step up to the plate and tap into the true potential that you have on the inside. This video is for you!


You will learn these 10 classic songs:

  1. Praise Him (he’s worthy to be praised)

  2. Thank You Lord (I just want to thank you lord)

  3. His Blood ( aka “Jesus” he’s the only one that can help you)

  4. Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus

  5. How Great Is Our God

  6. How Great Thou Art

  7. I’m a Soldier In The Army Of The Lord

  8. I Know It Was The Blood

  9. Hallelujah

  10. Take Me To The Water




What is your learning style?


  • Do you need to see it being played?
  • Do you need to hear it being played?
  • Do you need someone to spell out all of the notes?
  • Do you need to know the chord names?
  • Do you need to see it written on the staff?



Regardless of how you like to learn we have you covered. We have all of the aforementioned in this new video.

You will see and hear the songs being played with all of the notes slowly spelled out. You do not have to read music to use this video but if you do read music we have also included the chord names and notes written on the staff if you like it that way. We have covered all of the bases on this video.


We will also include 10 midi files of all of the songs.

Garage Band



If you use a PC computer you can download Vanbasco’s Karaoke Player which is a FREE midi file player. If you use a Mac computer you can use Garage Band which is a FREE program that comes on your computer to play the midi files.

Learning piano can’t get any easier than this. You will be playing these songs in know time.
You can get started today and go at your own pace.

We sincerely want to help you accomplish your goals as a gospel musician and we know that our products are some of the best anywhere.

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The value of what this video will equip you to do, far exceeds the current cost of it.




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