The Secrets To Playing By Ear

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Learn what few people know about mastering complicated songs by ear.

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Have you experienced wanting to learn to play a particular song but it seemed to be to complicated to figure out by ear? I sure know what that feels like!

I also know what it feels like to be able to play ANY song that I want by ear as well. It is so liberating to just decide that you are going to learn a song by ear and you can actually do it accurately.
When I started I struggled with learning songs by ear but now there are very few songs that give me any trouble if I want to learn to play it. I can just listen to the song, focus on the details, and then I can play it.

I am not superhuman either. I learned how to do that and you can too. Just imagine being able to play ANY song that you want accurately without the help of anyone else. I am a living witness that you can do it. This is no hype, you really can do it!

My desire is to help gospel musicians with this so I developed an audio book on how to play songs be ear. “The Secrets To Playing By Ear” – Audio Book.

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