“The Little Things That Are Not So Little”

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with and play with all kinds of musicians and musical artists. I have been blessed to play with some of the best musicians anywhere. After awhile you start to see commonalities among musicians that are very successful. Also people consistently call upon these kind of musicians because they enjoy working with them.

These are things that I have noticed about very successful musicians.


1) They arrive early for engagements and performances

2) They come prepared knowing the music and ready to play

3) They have positive attitudes with those whom they are working with

4) They don’t allow their egos to get the best of them (They can easily follow directions)

5) They leave their personal feelings out of the music and they don’t allow their feelings to affect the way that they play.

Everyone wants to be successful in what they do and musicians practice for years to develop their skills to get to a certain point in their playing.

Always keep in mind that only 50% of your success is how well you can play. The other 50% consists of much of what I mentioned above. The LITTLE THINGS – That really are not so little.

By all means PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Practice is necessary to succeed. It is no getting around it. You have to practice. Developing yourself musically is essential for success but don’t neglect the LITTLE THINGS.

It is quite possible that your talent can open doors for you that your character can’t keep you in.

Be the total package and succeed as the kind of musician that you have always wanted to be and that people love to work with.


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  1. Saviour Sorle says:

    I think this is what all musicians should know. Thanks alot HMPI all the best.

  2. Robin Lowery says:

    This is dead on. I really found this to be true if every musician had this knowledge it would be great. I have been around musicians who are really good, but their attitude is really arrogant and it just takes away from their abilility to play in my opinion. And on the other hand I’ve been where the musician wasn’t at the level they needed to be, but had the best attitude and easy to work with that it made me want to work with them again. So it is really true what you posted and I hope other musicians read it. Thanks!!!!!