The Secrets To Playing By Ear

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Learn what few people know about mastering complicated songs by ear.




Have you experienced wanting to learn to play a particular song but it seemed to be to complicated to figure out by ear?  I sure know what that feels like!
I also know what it feels like to be able to play ANY song that I want by ear as well. It is so liberating to just decide that you are going to learn a song by ear and you can actually do it accurately. 
When I started I struggled with learning songs by ear but now there are very few songs that give me any trouble if I want to learn to play it. I can just listen to the song, focus on the details, and then I can play it.
I am not superhuman either. I learned how to do that and you can too. Just imagine being able to play ANY song that you want accurately without the help of anyone else.  I am a living witness that you can do it. This is no hype, you really can do it!
My desire is to help gospel musicians with this so I developed an audio book on how to play songs be ear. “The Secrets To Playing By Ear” – Audio Book.
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All you have to do is sit back and listen to this audio book. I explain the steps and give you real examples of how to listen and what to listen for in songs. I show you how to break a song down to learn to play it and then put it back together.
I talk about is it possible to develop perfect pitch or do you have to be born with it. You may be really surprised by what I have to say about this.
I show you how you can figure out complicated chords and much more.
I have learned a whole lot along the way about learning songs by ear and I am sharing with you in this audio book what took me over 20 years to learn.
You can download this audio book today and sit back and listen to real practical tips and steps that will take you to the next level in your playing.
With this audio book you will also receive an pdf transcription of the book if you would prefer to read it. This is a very small investment in yourself and your music. Don’t miss out on it at this very low discounted price. The practical information in this audio book is honestly invaluable. Take advantage of the opportunity.
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